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Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | How to Make Needle Felted Hamster Harry Potter | Needle Felting ASMR

by kevin chai on July 09, 2022
This simple needle felting hamster tutorial comes from Qiu Qiu, an uploader at Bilibili. Qiu Qiu is very skilled, and the cute hamster is her favorite. Today we are here to share her making process and key points.
The video shows the process and skills of making needle felted 3D sculptures. If you don't know much about the skills of this, then you must not miss this tutorial.
This tutorial is also the second video from QiuQiu that we have introduced. This video tutorial has added the process and skills of making a mixed-colour fur hamster.
Let's look at the finished craft first. Is it super adorable?!
First, make the body with core wool, Shaping the body with coarse felting needle,  Faster? try multi needle tool
It is a pity that the process of making the body is omitted in the tutorial, and this part is also the essential part of making 3D needle felted crafts and of course, the most challenging part.
The making process of the body is the most difficult in this tutorial. After all, many people do not have an art foundation and may not necessarily produce the best proportions of body and limbs. But it doesn't matter. The most significant advantage of needle felting is that it is very malleable. You can make a cylinder first and then make adjustments like when you make slime sculptures by adding and subtracting to make the body's shape. Meet your requirements, but remember one thing, before finalizing the shape, don't stab too hard. Otherwise, you won't be able to adjust it later.
In the early stage, coarse needles were used for the initial setting. In the process of continuous shaping, the medium needles were used for further refinement, and finally, fine needles were used for final adjustment and optimization.
Take a bit of pink wool, flatten it and cover the core body you just made then, you can start stabbing and making the skin. The purpose of this is to make the final craft more realistic.
You can use a coarse needle when stabbing because we will plant hair on it later, so there is no need to stab very carefully.
Drill the eye socket with awl, and attach the eyes in it.
Cover the skin on the head and face
Take a little pink wool and make a nose with fine needle
Make mouth
Next, we will start to plant hair. The difference between this time and the previous tutorial is that the last time was solid colour planting, but this time we increased the difficulty and mixed colour planting. Take a piece of white and grey wool.
Then mix the white and grey wool in different proportions as needed. Divide into three parts, more white and less grey, half of white and grey, more grey and less white.
After that, use an erasable pen to divide the colour blocks on the body, decide which colour block to plant what colour of hair, and then start to plant the hair.
Begin at the head with a coarse needle.
If you feel slow, you can try the multi-needles tool.
Plant hair on the front
Plant hair on the head and face
Comb the hair in preparation for the next trim
Trim the hair on the head
Take a little clay and wire to make limbs
Drill holes to attach limbs by awl
Trim the hair around the limbs
Continue to further refine the details of the facial features
Take a little grey wool and make ears. Just use a fine needle.
Fix the ears to the head
Trim and comb the hair around the ears
Apply glue on the limbs, then stick the hairs on
cut off excess
To make the tail, fine needles is OK
Apply some makeup on the nose and mouth to prepare for the addition of the beard
Cut a few hairs from your pet dog at home
Use an awl to drill out where the whiskers will be.
Apply glue to the hair and fix it to the mouth
Almost done
Next, dress the hamster as Harry Potter, take a little clay first, and make a wand
Outline the texture
Bring glasses, hat and wand
Finally with our lightning scar, done!!

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