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How to Wet Felt A Coin Purse | Wet Felting Projects to Try | Wet Felting Tutorial For Beginners

by kevin chai on May 05, 2022
The small coin purse in the picture above is adorable, right? This kind of bag making requires two critical production processes, wet felting, and needle felting. First, the main body of the coin purse is made with wet felting, and then the pattern and image you want are made with needle felting. Today we will only talk about using wet felting to make purses. If you want to make cute animal bags like the picture above, you can refer to our other tutorials.
Today this video tutorial comes from Cat Clan Creative Arts(猫族创艺), and they are very good at making cute handicrafts, in addition to needle felting, wet felting, embroidery, puppet making, and so on. In this video tutorial today, I will introduce the basic making of wet felt bags. Whether small or large, it is the same method, but the tools used are slightly different. If you are a newbie, then you will learn a lot.
Take an appropriate amount of gray wool and divide it into six parts.
Then take first piece of wool and wrap it around a big foam ball (and there is a small foam ball later)
It should be noted here, use a needle to stab diagonally so that the two ends of the wool strip are connected, just wrapped on the foam ball, do not stab vertically, do not stab on the foam ball
Take the second piece of wool, wrap it vertically (cross) on the wool just now, and use a coarse needle to connect the ends of the wool top.
Then spread out the wool and stab the gaps together with a needle so that the wool completely wraps the foam ball.
Continue to wrap the third, fourth, and fifth pieces of wool so that the wool evenly wraps the foam ball.
The sixth piece of wool is checked and filled, and where it is uneven, it will be filled.
The main body of the pouch is basically completed
Next, start the process of wet felting. Prepare the following tools, ziplock bag (or foam net), warm water, and soap as shown in the photo below.
First, put the ball into a ziplock bag, then pour warm water in it.
Hold with both hands, squeeze, let the wool ball be fully soaked in warm water.
Pour off the remaining water
Then start soaping the wool ball so that the ball's surface is evenly wiped with the soap.
Then seal the bag and start rubbing
Use both hands to rub for ten minutes, not too hard to avoid uneven thickness of the wool ball. After seven or eight minutes, you can increase the intensity appropriately. Because at this time, the wool ball has been felted
Take out the wool ball, rinse off the foam with water, and clean the wool ball with a towel. At the same time, absorb the moisture.
The wool ball can be cut with a knife. Do not open too much. You can open a small mouth first and then increase the opening according to the size of the mouth
After taking out the big foam ball, put in the small foam ball, this is because we are going to felt the inside of the ball next
Repeat the process just now, add warm water, and wipe the soap evenly. Then seal the bag and rub
After ten minutes, wash the balls, absorb the moisture, and allow the wool balls to dry thoroughly, either by placing them in a ventilated place to dry or by blow-drying them with a hairdryer.
Take out the foam ball
Next, start to sew the metal purse frame to the wet felt pouch.
First use the sewing thread to fix the metal purse frame at the opening. There is no need for aesthetics here, because these thread are only for fixing the metal purse frame temporarily, and they will be removed later.
Use an awl to stab all the felt at the opening into the gap in the metal purse frame.
Then take out the gray thread of the same color as the pouch, and sew the metal purse frame along the needle holes on it.
Each stitch goes through the hole in the metal purse frame. This will allow the metal purse frame to be fully fixed
When sewing to the end, sew a few more rolls, which is more secure
Remove the fixing white thread.
The coin purse is done. If you want to stab out a cute animal pattern, you can make it on the pouch at this time.

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