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Unit 1 Lesson 1: How to make needle felted wool ball?

by Sue Feltify on June 14, 2015
needle felt tutorials for beginners --how to make needle felted wool balls

Hey everybody, the series tutorial < Needle Felting: From Beginner to Master > which has been planned for a long time has finally meet with you. This course suit for all beginners, no matter you are first time heard of needle felting or you already mastered basic skill and finished several needle felting projects. We'll company with you in the following year to learn how to make the elementary shapes until you can complete complex needle wool felting animals and become to a master.

Now, maybe you curious about why we start our lessons from needle felted ball, It comes from my experience of learning drawing recently. If you have learned it before, you should know sketch skill is basically required, and sketch learning is start from basic geometries, like cube, cone, sphere and etc. After you have mastered these geometries, and the following is the combination, and then is still life, finally is sculpture. Why sketch courses were designed like this? Observe carefully the world around you, you’ll find all objects are consist of geometries. For instance a dog, it consists of 4 fine cylinder(legs), 1 thick cylinder(body), a sphere and a cone( head). All things could be disassemble like this, now you should understand why sketch courses were designed like that!

Ok, back to our tutorials, Needle felting is the same as sketch, you need to learn from basic shapes, after you have mastered them, it will be not a big problem to finish complex needle felted wool animals.

Now let’s start the master's journey of needle felting!


There are 7 lessons in Unit 1, here they are

  • Lesson 1:Monocolour Ball
  • Lesson 2:Spotted Ball & Ball with heart pattern
  • Lesson 3:Bracelet, Acorn, Phone Charm
  • Lesson 4:Bunny
  • Lesson 5:Octopus
  • Lesson 6:Heart
  • Lesson 7:Easter Egg

Update Log of Lesson


Lesson 1 : Monocolour Ball


Sphere(Ball) is the most important and basic shape in all of geometries, Ball is the crucial part to form complex needle felting wool crafts. and it's the original to shape other form, like hearts, eggs, or hemispheres etc. So just learn it well, there will be a lot of projects we can do. You don't believe that? OK, let's see some beautiful needle felting crafts which just made of balls. how_to_make_a-needle_felted_wool_ball_tutorials_for_starter_7

Q: Why is the lesson called "monocolor ball", it's so weird.
A: Because the lesson 2 called "Spotted ball"

Tools: Felting needle, felting sponge/ foam block, Cots 
Materials: Wool roving in any color you have   (Buy Kit)
Time: 20m - 30m
Required: Needle Felting Basics of Beginners

1.If this is the first time you try to needle felting, please take more 10-20 mins to make your ball firm and smooth. You’ll benefit a lot in the future for a solid basic skill.

2.Stay patient and trust in yourself

Download  (PDF)
Video Coming soon (Youtube)


Step 1.Place small piece of wool roving on foam.

1. Small piece? how small? how much wool roving I should use?

Check Needle Felting Basics of Beginners

2. How to split the wool roving?

Check Needle Felting Basics of Beginners


Don’t trim the wool roving, just pull off by your hands.

Step 2.Tie a knot in the center of your wool roving, make sure the knot just between the middle of the wool by controlling both ends.

Tying knot is kinda a tricky way, but can save time. In a general way, roll up from one end to the other, it’s a little bit hard to control for the beginners, so you can take this easy way.

Advanced: Coming soon

Step 3.Lay out the wool of the two ends, cover them on the knot, then roll up until form a rough circular shape.



Step 4.Keep repeating this process: rolling & poking. It takes 10-15 minutes for your first time.

Put on thumb protector, the felting needle has extremely sharp barbs. Be careful! Don't ask me how I know!

Roll up it again after poke it for a while, to keep the shape and get rid of the pinpricks.

Step 5.Voila!
Advanced Questions:

How to make a needle felted wool balls with smooth surface and no pinhole?



Finish 3-5 same size needle felted wool balls. They should be smooth enough, not fluffy.
Tip: It’s much easier to poke your finger when the ball is small, be careful!


If you complete our assignment, you can sent the pics of your balls to us, or post it on Instagram and @ifeltify or to Facebook @feltify. You'll get reward points.

3 Balls: 100 points
5 Balls: 200 points

What the points for?

1.Purchase needle felting supplies and kit at a great discount.
2.Try our new advanced needle felting wool tutorials and kit for free.
3.Privilege of purchasing our limited items.
4.Enjoy permanent privilege of free shipping (Orders equal or above $49.00).

Expand Reading:

There are a lot of ways to make a felted wool balls, like wet felting. If you are interested, We recommend 3 felt ball tutorials to you:

Questioning Time:

Anyone who has questions about needle felting or tutorials is welcome to ask, we’ll reply you within 48h. Please note the specific step which you got confused

( To avoid harassment, all of the comments and questions could be seen after we review them. Don’t worry, we’ll see all your questions and comments!)

Coming Next:

In the next lesson you’ll learn how to make needle felted wool balls with spots and heart pattern , and some tips about how to add patterns and embellishments on the needle felted crafts.

Class is over, thank you!

Have any blogging questions or advice we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments.

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