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How to Make A Leather Mini Coin Purse Without Tools?

by kevin chai on November 22, 2022
This is our tenth tutorial on leathercraft making. To reduce the difficulty of production, we have prepared video tutorials and graphic tutorials for everyone. In addition, there are leathercraft kits available for purchase. The kit contains all the tools and materials you need, including pre-drilled holes. Allows you to complete the production easily. Allows you to enjoy the fun of crafting while reducing unnecessary obstacles. The most important thing is to give your loved ones a gift made with your own hands. Nothing can express your heart more than this. By the way, this colorful mini coin purse is perfect for women, whether it's a 12-year-old or a 52-year-old, and it's perfect for her.
Well, without further ado, let's start the tenth leather craft tutorial: Mini Coin Handbag Purse
There is no sewing part in this tutorial, either. Just install a few Chicago screws as well. A total of 6 need to be installed, 2 need hammer assistance, and the other 4 need screwdriver assistance.
Have all the materials ready
Install the handle first
Insert male part from the front
Put the female part on the back
Then put the base under the female part
Then use the hammer to fix the button fasteners.
Install the side chicago screw, put the male part first, then superimpose the three corners of the leather pieces, and then screw on the female part
Tighten with a screwdriver
Install chain connectors
Install another side chicago screw
Install Ball Head Stud on the front

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