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How to Make A Cute Fox Card Wallet Without Tools?

by kevin chai on April 18, 2023
This is our 12th tutorial on leathercraft making.To reduce the difficulty of production, we have prepared video tutorials and graphic tutorials for everyone. In addition, there are leathercraft kits available for purchase. The kit contains all the tools and materials you need, pre-drilled the holes. Allows you to complete the production easily. Allows you to enjoy the fun of crafting while reducing unnecessary obstacles. The most important thing is to give your loved ones a gift made with your own hands. Nothing can express your heart more than this.
Well, without further ado, let's start the first leather goods tutorial: cute fox card holder.
Get all materials ready
Sew the card holder first.
Waxed Thread: Take four times the length of the edge thread to be sewn
Needle threading, both ends of the wax thread need to be threaded
After inserting the needle, use the needle tip to pass through the middle of the wax thread, pull the short part back, and then pull the long part to fix the wax thread.
Align the holes and insert the needle thread, pay attention to evenly distribute the wax thread at both ends
Hands without needles need to press the wax thread to one side uniformly. Grasp both needles and pull through until the stitch is good and tight.
Finishing: Both needles need to go back 2-3 stitches, then pass through the middle leather pieces, and cut off the bottom
To prevent unraveling, you can tie a knot at the end. As shown below
Cut off the needles.
Tie a knot
Cut off the bottom
Card holder is done
Sew the nose of the fox. same way.
Take four times the length of the nose thread to be sewn
Tie a knot
Sew the front piece.
Take four times the length of the front piece to be sewn, sew in same way.
Cut off the needles, tie a knot,

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