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Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | Needle Felting Cute Penguin With Bunny Hat | Needle Felting ASMR | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on April 05, 2022


This video tutorial comes from BIABIA Needle Felting(BIABIA羊毛毡手作馆). This video tutorial is very detailed and includes all the production details. This video may be complex for beginners because it takes nearly 2 hours to make. There are many essential production steps and techniques repeated in the video, and you are sure to learn a lot.
The following three tips are very, very important. They have appeared in the video tutorials many times and must be mastered proficiently.
1. Add wool in a small amount and multiple times, distribute the amount of each part reasonably, and do not use it up at one time.
2. During the production process, it is necessary to compare the size of the corresponding parts in time to avoid being too large or too small.
3. When making small parts and small parts, don't use too much strength, just light and fast, be careful to poke your fingers
Take some dark grey wool and roll it into a cylinder, and you can start stabbing. If you take less wool, you can add more wool later. It is better to take less than too much.
The purpose of rolling is to speed up felting. If you want to felt faster, you can tear the wool several times before rolling it.
The main part is basically completed
Take some light grey wool, wrap it under the main body (body part) and start stabbing. Just use a coarse needle here.
Stab bottom
Then stab the body part into a thin top and thick bottom, like a tumbler
Not enough wool. Continue to wrap more wool, and then keep spinning to ensure that all parts are stabbed.
At this point, the body and head of the Penguin are formed.
Next, add some white wool in front of the penguin's body to make the fluff under the neck of the little penguin. To make the colour transition to a natural state, don't add too much wool so that the grey wool at the bottom can show through to ensure a natural transition.
Next, to make a face, take a small amount of white wool, tear it a few times, and then you can start stabbing,
First, choose the outline of the face, that is to say, stab the edge first. After locate the edge, stab the inside.
If the edges are uneven, fill in more wool again.
Next, take a little brown wool and make the nose
Now roll the wool into a small ball with your fingers. Once you've settled on the location, you can start stabbing.
Use an awl to stab out the socket of the eye, then put the eye in it
Take a little pink wool to make blush
Do not take too much to ensure that the blush edge transitions naturally.
Take some dark grey wool, tear it a few times, and you're ready to start making the feet.
The feet are tiny, so stab lightly with a fine needle. Don't stab your hands. Stab the foot into a hemisphere.
Contrast with the body at the appropriate time, and avoid making the feet too large or too small.
Connect the feet to the body
Make tail
Next, make the penguin's curly rabbit hat. First, take some pink wool, then stab it on the head for a primer.
Next, the hair is planted to make a curly hat. First, use scissors to cut wool about 5cm in length
Tear off a little lengthwise, then roll it into a curling thread with your fingers
Rub it with your hands to make the curls more curly.
This process is relatively tedious because you need to make a lot of curls, you can make dozens of them first, and then start to plant hair.
Do not leave gaps in the middle of the curls
Use a fine needle to make the edges of the hat clear
Make the chin buckle of the hat
Next make the ears. Make a few curly balls first, then stab them together.
Add some pink wool to the inside of the ears
Connect the ears to the head
Take a little white wool and roll it into a small ball to make a chin buckle button
Take a little light grey wool to make penguin wings
Lightly stab the edge, don't stab your hands.
Cut the other side of the wing open to make it easier to stab when connecting the body
To make carrot bag, take a little orange wool, not too much. You can fill in more later
Timely compare the size, avoid too large or too small
Fix the bag to the abdomen
Take a little green wool and make the leaves on the carrot
Make the shoulder strap of the bag, take a bit of brown wool, and twist it into a thin thread. Then it can be fixed.
Almost done
Use scissors to cut off the floating hair


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