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Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | How To Needle Felt | Needle Felting Tutorial for Starters | Needle Felting ASMR

by kevin chai on March 02, 2022


This video tutorial is from Sudo Handmade, and they are very good at making cute wool felted crafts. This needle felting tutorial is for beginners. In this video tutorial, from picking wool to making various basic shapes, all the essential steps and skills needed to make wool felted animals. If you are a beginner, you must not miss this tutorial and get started. You are watching this video several times will improve your skills very quickly. If you are a veteran, then you should not miss this tutorial. Many techniques will bring you a lot of inspiration, don't miss it.


1.Divide The Wool

Grasp the two ends of the wool, and then pull it to the sides. Please don't put your hands too close otherwise. It will not be easy to pull apart.
Short wool can be torn lengthwise. Remember, be sure not to cut with scissors.
So how do you get the right amount of wool? As shown in the video, by rolling up the wool tightly, the fluffy wool is compressed as much as possible so that the size of the final craft can be estimated and the appropriate amount of wool can be obtained.
Remember, it is better to take less than more. If we take less, we can add wool later, but we can't remove it if we take too much.


Next, we start making today's first shape, the ball. To make the wool better and faster, we first tore the wool several times, then rolled it into a ball, and then started to stab.
First, use a coarse needle to stab, try to stab hard, and keep rolling the ball at the same time. Ensure that the spheres are evenly felted.
Coarse needles make wool felted quickly to get a rough ball very quickly.
After stabbing for a while, you can stop and roll the ball in your hands, speeding up felting and reducing the pinholes on the surface to make the surface smoother.
When you feel that the resistance increases when you stab, switch to a medium needle, and finally to a fine needle. When you stab, you don't have to use too much strength. Just lightly stab, which can make the surface smoother. In the process, you can pinch the ball in time and judge whether it is completed according to the hardness.



Next, make the heart shape. This is a rough stabbed ball, the half-finished craft we get when we stab the ball with a coarse needle. As you can see, it is still soft.
Next, we keep stabbing along a line in the middle, and it will gradually sag, and we get a dent so that a heart-shaped outline comes out. Continue to refine to get a heart shape.



What if we stab a few more dents? Get the paw of animals.



The rough ball we get can also be deformed into a cube. At this time, we don't need to keep rolling. We need to stab lightly on one side and then continue the process on the other side, and finally, we get a cube.



Next to make the cylinder, first tear the wool,
Then spread it out into a flat surface,
Then roll up as tightly as possible. This gives a rough cylinder.
Stab both ends first, while continuing to roll.
Then stab the surface of the cylinder.
Rub it with your hands at the right time to speed up felting and shaping
The resistance of the coarse needle to stab is bigger, so switch to a thinner needle.
When the cylinder is almost done, it can also be deformed into a cuboid. At this time, only four surfaces are needed to be stabbed. Same as stabbing the cube



Make cones. Tear the wool first, roll it into a rough cone shape, and stab from the underside. 
Quickly shape the bottom with a coarse needle while keeping rolling.
Well, you can start to stab from the bottom to the top.



Next, tear the wool, lay it flat, and fold it into a triangle to make the triangular sheet. Then you can start stabbing.
It should be noted here that we are making very thin sheets. If you stab too hard, the wool on the other side will stick to the foam, which will make the surface very rough, so don’t stab too hard . just stab lightly.


To make the line, we stab a line through this ball. Take a small amount of wool, rub it into a thread, and start stabbing.



Next we stab a dot.
Start stabbing from the middle, and then to make the edge clear, you need to stab the wool along the edge in one direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Then if we want to get a dot with an unclear edge and a natural edge transition, we only need to make the wool flatten in the radial direction.



Stab a triangle shape, fold it into a rough triangle with wool, place it on the ball, and fix the three vertices with the needle.



It is the easiest to make a bulge. After picking a tiny amount of wool, place it on the ball and start stabbing. In this way, we get a water drop shape, which is very suitable for making animal facial features.


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