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How to Make A Needle Felted Shiba Inu Dog | Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | Needle Felting ASMR | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on May 20, 2022
This video tutorial comes from Mr.ALMOST. They are very good at making cute needle felted animal charms. We will introduce more video tutorials of them in the future. Today's video tutorial is relatively simple, not too tricky skills, very suitable for beginners to try. It can be seen that the surface of the wool felt works they make is very smooth, which is an essential skill for beginners to learn.
Without further ado, let's start making cute Shiba Inu charms!
Take some white wool (core wool will work too) and roll the wool into a ball, ready to start stabbing. How big a dog do you want to be? You can estimate the approximate size by rolling up the wool and holding it slightly in your hand so that you will have an intuitive idea of how much wool to take.
We're going to stab an elliptical ball, so flatten the ball a bit during the stabbing process (how to make a ball). In the beginning, use a coarse needle for stabbing, then as the resistance increases, change needles, medium needles, and finally thin needles.
Rotate while stabbing to ensure even surface felting.
In fact, there is no need to stab as delicate and smooth as the picture below because we will wrap brown wool on its surface later, so there is no need to carefully optimize the ball of the main body.
Take some brown wool, wrap around the ball, and start stabbing
Also, follow the steps of first coarse needle, then medium needle, and finally fine needle finishing. You can pick up the ball at the right time and rub it with your hands, reducing needle holes and accelerating the surface staining.
Outline the face on the surface. The method shown in the picture is not suitable for beginners. As a novice, you can use the erasable pen to outline the ball so that even if you make a mistake, you can modify it in time to get the best effect.
Take a little white wool and start making the face
The face is relatively small, so use the medium needle, and finally, use the fine needle to optimize and adjust the face and contour.
Use a needle to mark the approximate position of the eyes. Here, novices can also use an erasable pen to mark it, making it easier to adjust and remedy.
Take a little white wool and stab the whites of the eyes
Then use an awl or needle to stab out the eye socket and put the eye in it. For firmness, apply glue to the end of the eye to secure it.
Take a little white wool to make eyebrows
Use a little black wool to make a nose. You can also mark the size of the nose with an erasable pen first, and then stab the nose.
Take a strand of black wool, rub it into a thin thread, and make the mouth.
Stab the outline of the T-shirt, then take a little red wool and start stabbing. You can also use an erasable pen to outline first.
Create a graphic on a T-shirt.
Take a small amount of brown wool, fold it into a triangle, and start stabbing with a fine needle, lightly stabbing. The ears are thin and can quickly get into the foam, causing a lot of fluff on the other side.
Ears are done.
Take a little white wool and make the pinna of the ear
Cut off the white wool that comes out from the back of the ear
Fix the ears to the head
Finishing the surface

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