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How to Make A Needle Felted Cute Lamb | Needle Felting For Beginners | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on June 26, 2022
This video tutorial is from 萌物恋羊毛毡, and they are very good at making cute wool felted animals. This tutorial introduces an essential needle felting skill: how to make curls. This is very practical when making curled animals, like sheep, poodle dog. Of course, you can also directly buy ready-made curls to make them, However, the method described in the tutorial allows you to use existing wool to achieve the same effect.
Without further ado, let's get started!
Take some pale pink wool and roll the wool into a ball to start stabbing. How big of a sheep do you want to make? You can estimate the approximate size by rolling up the wool and holding it slightly in your hand so that you will have an intuitive idea of how much wool to take.
When stabbing, keep rotating to ensure that the surface can be evenly felted.
We want to stab a hemisphere, so after stabbing out a rough ball with a coarse needle, we can continuously stab one side with a medium needle to get a plane.
When the resistance increases, the fine needle can be replaced, which can make the surface more flat
In this way, the body of the lamb is basically completed.
Next, make the face of the lamb. To make the lamb more cute and three-dimensional, we add some pale pink wool on the hemisphere to make the face of the lamb.
It can be seen from above that one side of the hemisphere has become convex.
If it doesn't stand out enough, go ahead and add more wool. There is no need to add a lot of wool at the beginning, but a small amount of wool can be added several times to adjust flexibly. It is not easy to make secondary adjustments if too much wool is added.
At this time, you will find that the junction of the raised part and the hemisphere has a clear edge, so we add some wool to make this edge transition more natural.
When stabbing here, use a fine needle and slightly stabbing.
The whole face is completed. At this time, we use our fingers to press out the eye sockets on the face.
Then we drill out the socket with a needle or awl, and we put the eyes in it.
At the same time, use a fine needle to adjust the edge of the eye socket so that the eye contour is clear and three-dimensional.
Next, take a small amount of flesh-colored wool, roll it into small balls with your fingers, and fix it in place to make the wool nose.
Take a small amount of brown wool and twist it into a thin thread, then stab out the mouth along the lower edge of the nose.
Cut off excess wool
Continue to refine the details and stab out the indentation in the mouth.
Continue to stab the lower half of the mouth
Mouth is done
Take a small amount of pink wool to make a blush
Take an appropriate amount of white wool, flatten it and wrap it around the head to make the lamb's body.
If the thickness is not enough, it can be wrapped in multiple times, following the principle of multiple small quantities.
In order to make the edges of the face and body more clear and three-dimensional, we use fine needles to optimize the edges here
It can be seen that the thickness of the body is very thick, which makes the fluffy feeling of lamb wool.
Next, take a small amount of brown wool to make the horns. We're going to make two button-shaped circles.
If it is too small, you can wrap more wool and keep stabbing
Horn is almost done.
Stab spirals from the center of the circle to create curved horns
Add a hint of dark brown wool along the spiral to outline the horns
Take a small amount of white wool to make ears and stab these tiny parts with a fine needle.
The main body of the ear is completed
Next, start making curls, the most critical step in this video tutorial. Take out a strand of wool, rub it into a thin thread with your fingers, and then continue to rub it so that the thin thread becomes a coiled thread, and then fix it on the ear.
Repeat the process until you get a curly ear
Attach the ears to the head
Next, fix the horns
Next is the hair transplant. Like what I did for the ear, the head area is relatively large so that the hair transplant process will be long and tedious.
Take a small amount of pale pink wool to make a tail
Make feet
To make a sprout, take out a trace of green wool, then fold it in half, stab the middle folded place, and then stab both ends to get the sprout
Attach it on the head
You can also make a small flower to attach to the head, stab out each petal first, and then attach all the petals.
Done, don't ask why the sheep turned from white to pink. It likes to dye its hair. The lamb won't tell you.

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