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How to Make A Needle Felted Corgi Dog?

by kevin chai on August 11, 2022
This video tutorial comes from Mr.ALMOST. They are very good at making cute needle felted animal charms. We will introduce more video tutorials of them in the future. Today's video tutorial is relatively simple, not too tricky skills, very suitable for beginners to try. It can be seen that the surface of the wool felt works they make is very smooth, which is an essential skill for beginners to learn.
Without further ado, let's start making cute corgi charms!
Take some white wool (core wool will work too) and roll the wool into a ball, ready to start stabbing. How big a dog do you want to be? You can estimate the approximate size by rolling up the wool and holding it slightly in your hand so that you will have an intuitive idea of how much wool to take.
We're going to stab an elliptical ball, so flatten the ball a bit during the stabbing process (how to make a ball). In the beginning, use a coarse needle for stabbing, then as the resistance increases, change needles, medium needles, and finally thin needles.
You can see that in the video, instead of using a lot of wool roving to make a big ball at the beginning, the ball keeps getting bigger by constantly adding more wool. The advantage of this is that you can easily control the size. It is better to have less than more. This is an essential skill in needle felting, so keep it in mind.
keeping rolling while stabbing
Don't spend a lot of time smoothing the surface of the ball, as we'll be wrapping it with brown wool later.
The main body of the head is complete.
At this point, you may be wondering, why not make it with brown wool from the beginning? Here is a money-saving trick for needle felting. Usually, we buy a lot of core wool because they are cheap, and colored wool is relatively more expensive. Therefore, by using this core hair base and colored wool coverage method, we can save a lot of money. Especially when making rather large works, the money saved is not a small amount.
Wrap in brown wool and repeat the process.
The final wrapping, stabbing with a fine needle, is done to smoothen the surface and reduce pinholes and lint.
Next, make the dog's face. It is recommended that novices use an erasable pen to mark the size and position first to avoid having some bad effects. If you are very proficient, you can directly stab the outline as in the video.
Once the outline is determined, you can fill in the inside with white wool.
Face is done
Take less black wool and make the nose
Make mouth
cut off the excess
Stab the eye socket with an awl or needle
Put in eyes
Stab out the outline of a t-shirt
Fill red wool
Stab out the stripes on the t-shirt
Take a little brown wool and flatten it to make ears
The ears are very thin, so use a fine needle and stab lightly.
Connect the ears to the head.

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