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How to Make A Needle Felted Bulldog Into A Bag Charm

by kevin chai on April 07, 2023
This video tutorial comes from Mr.ALMOST. They are very good at making cute needle felted animal charms. We will introduce more video tutorials of them in the future.
This tutorial is a continuation of the previous tutorial. We made a needle felted doll of a French Bulldog. Next, we will make this doll into a charm that can be hung on a bag or a keychain. Therefore, this tutorial does not include needle felting making, but only instructions on the use of components in jewelry making, such as the use of Eye Pin, Jump Ring, and Fold-Over End Cap . The use of these components allows you to easily make needle felted works into necklaces, bracelets, mobile phone charms and other accessores. It is very practical and simple. If you have not touched these components before, this tutorial will be for you want to know. without further ado let's get started
As shown in the picture below, the upper left corner shows the components needed to make the bag charm. From left to right, there are eye pins, fold-over end cap, jump rings and lobster claw clasp.
First use an awl to drill a hole from the head of the bulldog, at a forty-five-degree angle, and make sure that the awl penetrates the back of the head from the side.
Then put the eye pin into the hole.
Cut off the excess with pliers.
Then at the end use the pliers to bend a hook on the end of the pin just enough to hook tight on the project
Next, cover the end of the pin with a little wool and stab lightly with a fine needle to cover the part that leaks from the end
The hanging ring on the head is completed, and the same method is used to drill a hole at the bottom
Put in a eye pin, cut off the excess, and bend the end to secure
Next, pass the ball through the center and put it into the eye pin.
Next, install the fold-over end cap.
Fix it with pliers
Next use the jump ring to connect the lobster clasp
Connect the parts with jump rings

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