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How to Make A Needle Felted Bulldog Football Player

by kevin chai on January 04, 2023
The World Cup is coming, let's be a French bulldog football player! This video tutorial comes from Mr.ALMOST. They are very good at making cute needle felted animal charms. We will introduce more video tutorials of them in the future. Today's video tutorial is relatively simple, not too tricky skills, very suitable for beginners to try. It can be seen that the surface of the wool felt works they make is very smooth, which is an essential skill for beginners to learn.
Without further ado, let's start making cute bulldog football player!
Take some white wool (core wool will work too) and roll the wool into a ball, ready to start stabbing. How big a dog do you want to be? You can estimate the approximate size by rolling up the wool and holding it slightly in your hand so that you will have an intuitive idea of how much wool to take.
We're going to stab an elliptical ball, so flatten the ball a bit during the stabbing process (how to make a ball). In the beginning, use a coarse needle for stabbing, then as the resistance increases, change needles, medium needles, and finally thin needles.
You can see that in the video, instead of using a lot of wool roving to make a big ball at the beginning, the ball keeps getting bigger by constantly adding more wool. The advantage of this is that you can easily control the size. It is better to have less than more. This is an essential skill in needle felting, so keep it in mind.
Roll more wool
Keeping rolling while stabbing
If it's still small, roll up more wool
The next step is to stab this ball into an egg; if you don't know how to stab an oval, you can check out our previous tutorial:
Main body completed
Next, use a needle to stab out the outline of the dog's nose. You can also outline with an erasable pen, which is easier.
Next, fill the outline with a small amount of white wool and stab out the dog's nose.
Next, stab the bulldog's wrinkles on the nose.
Take a little black wool and stab out the dog's nose
Next, stab the black color block on the face
Take the black wool covering the sides of the nose, where the eyes are, and start stabbing the black blocks. The size of the color block is random; you can stab it according to your preference, and there is no need for left and right symmetry.
Then use an awl or a needle to stab out the eye socket, insert the eye and fix it.
Next, take a little black wool, stab the ears, stab with a thin needle, and stab gently. The ears are relatively small, be careful to stab your hands
Add some pink wool to make the pinnae.
Connect the ears to the head
Next, use the erasable pen to outline the jersey. Or other clothing styles you like
Take a bit blue wool and cover the outline of the jersey.
Stab the stripes on the clothes
Your favorite number.

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