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How to Make A Needle Felted Ball?

by kevin chai on August 30, 2022
This video tutorial comes from Mr.ALMOST. They are very good at making cute needle felted animal charms. We will introduce more video tutorials of them in the future. Today's video tutorial is pretty simple, the most important and basic sharp--ball, very suitable for beginners to try. It can be seen that the surface of the wool felt works they make is very smooth, which is an essential skill for beginners to learn.
Without further ado, let's start making a ball!
Pick some wool roving and roll the wool from one end into a ball, as tight as possible. It can speed up felting.
In addition to the rolling way introduced in this tutorial, there are two other more common methods. The first is the knotting method, which is to directly use wool to tie two knots first, and then use wool on both sides to use this knot as the centre roll into a ball and then start stabbing. It also speeds up.
Another method is to tear the wool a few times first and then roll it up, which also speeds up felting. This method is more suitable for improvers. It is also more suitable for making small parts.
If you need a bigger ball, then roll some new wool, still as tight as possible
Then you can start stabbing with the coarse needle first, stab a few times in the opening to prevent the wool from unravelling.
Stab with a coarse needle first, then rotate as you stab
Then, according to the degree of resistance, change the medium needle to the last fine needle
If it feels small, continue to add more wool
Pick the ball up and rub it with both hands at the right time, which can not only make the surface smooth but also speed up felting and reduce floating hair
At this time, use a fine needle to stab lightly, making the pinhole on the surface smaller and smooth.
Keep rubbing
After the resistance increases, switch to a medium needle or continue to stab with a fine needle.
How to know whether it is finished? Please pick it up and pinch it with your fingers. If it doesn't deform after squeezing, it is finished.
The whole process only takes 5-10 minutes.

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