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How to Make A Cute Needle Felted Bunny | Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | Needle Felting ASMR | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on June 21, 2022
This video tutorial comes from Cat Clan Creative Arts(猫族创艺), and they are very good at making wool felt handicrafts. There are many tips in this video tutorial for you to learn. Even if you are a needle felting veteran, it will be very inspiring. For novices, many techniques in this tutorial will reduce the difficulty of production, so don't miss it.
Three important tips are mentioned in the video tutorial, as follows:
1. Use core wool to base, and then wrap other colors of wool to reduce the use of color wool and reduce costs
2. Use pins to fix the connection of parts and accessories
3. Use makeup brushes to assist in the drawing and outline of details
First, make the head and body, here we need to make two balls. Take some core wool, tear it off, roll it into a ball, and you're ready to stab.
It is cost-effective to use core wool to make the core ball. After all, core wool is very cheap. We usually prepare a lot of stuffed wool to make needle felted crafts, and we can use core wool to make big parts. Then wrap the outside of the ball with wool of different colors to meet our needs. This can significantly reduce the cost of needle felting.
We first ripped the core wool multiple times to speed up felting, then rolled it into a ball and stabbed it
Roll as you stab to ensure even felted. If you've never worked with needle felting before, check out our previous tutorial on making balls.
The main part of head and body finished
Take a little white wool, flatten it, and wrap the ball you just made with the core wool. Since we already have a ball base, we only need to felt the surface, then a light stab with a fine needle can meet our needs while keeping the surface smooth.
Stab the eye socket with a fine needle
Drill eye socket with awl
Then fix the eyes with glue
Stab the nose and mouth with a fine needle
Pick a little pink wool to make the tongue
Fine needle is OK
After comparing the size, cut off the excess
Add tongue to mouth
Take a little brown wool, rub it into thread, and make the mouth and nose
cut off excess
Stab out nostrils
Take some white wool, roll it up, and stab it, flat it to make the ears
Use fine needle to adjust the edge of the ear
The main part of ears is done.
Use a pin to locate the ear.
If the position is ok, you can start fixing the ear
Use a fine needle to stab the double eyelid above the eyes
Then use an eyeshadow pencil to outline the eyeshadow
Use a pink eyeshadow pencil to outline the inside of the ears and blush
Next, take some white wool and roll it up into a cylinder to make the arms and hands ready to stab with a fine needle.
It should be noted here that to stab out the hand, and we need to stab a few more times at the joint at the end to refine the hand
Arms and hands was done.
Take a small amount of white wool and roll it into a ball to stab with a fine needle to make the feet.
Feet was done.
Next, pin the limbs to the body to confirm the position. The advantage of this is that you don't have to waste time because the location is not determined.
It can be fixed if the position is OK.
Next, fix the head with a pin, and after the position is confirmed, you could start connecting the head to the body.
Make tail
Colour the extremities with a pink eyeshadow pencil
Take a little white wool and make the coffee cup
Make the handle of the cup
Connect the handle to the cup
Take a little brown wool to make coffee
Cup is done

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