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4-Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | Needle Felting Cute No Face Cat | Needle Felting ASMR | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on March 24, 2022



This video tutorial comes from Lixiangjia Handicraft. This is a wool felting tutorial for beginners. This tutorial does not have complicated operations or skills compared with other tutorials. Even if you are trying wool felting for the first time, you can still make a beautiful needle felted cat. The figure of this cat comes from the faceless cat in Japan. Everyone loves it because of its simple figure, but it is adorable.


This tutorial includes the process of basic shapes, such as cuboids and cylinders. And the connection to the parts, which all skills must be mastered in wool felting, and you must not miss it.

Take some camel colour wool, then roll the wool into a cylinder as tight as possible to reduce felting time. If you want a quicker felting, you can tear the wool several times, flatten it into a flat surface, and then roll it into a cylinder. This will speed up the felting of the wool



Stab with a coarse needle to felt faster. Stab the rolled-up cylinder's sealing position first so that the wool will not scatter.



Keep stabbing while rolling


Stab both ends
When you stab to this level, you will find it a bit laborious. At this time, you need to change the needle, change it to a medium needle or a fine needle, and then continue to refine
Pick it up and rub it with both hands at the right time to make the surface smoother.
Next, start stabbing the curved surface of the cylinder and make it a cuboid as shown in the image below
Body is done.
Next, make the ears, pick a little wool, and fold them into a square sheet. Then poke with a fine needle, not too hard, lightly stab, because it is very thin, it is easy to stab into the foam, and then there are many floating hairs on the other side.
Stab the edges.
Cut in the middle to get two ears.
To make the limbs, pick a little wool, then roll it up and rub it into a small cylinder. Then just like making the body, start stabbing
Cut through the middle to get two legs.

Make the tail the same way you make the limbs. The same is made with a fine needle, lightly stab


Attach the ear to the body and secure the ear with a fine needle along the edge

Connect the limbs


Connect the tail





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