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Needle Felting Tutorial For Beginners | Needle Felting Cute Duck | Needle Felting ASMR | Needle Felting Animals Tutorial

by kevin chai on February 03, 2022

This tutorial comes from 小毛豆羊毛毡 (Little edamame felting). She is good at many handicrafts, such as punch needle, embroidery, and of course, needle felting. Her videos are straightforward to understand, including all the making steps, especially many vital points and difficult points. If you are a beginner, you will learn a lot. If you are a veteran, you can also learn a lot through this tutorial.


  1. To make the surface smooth, you need to add more wool, use a fine needle, stab lightly.
  2. Spend some time on the shredding of the wool, which can speed up felting and smooth the surface
  3. Add more wool, tear it, readjust it If you are not satisfied with the part.

Let's start with making head, First, we need a ball, Roll up the wool into a ball, start stabbing around with a coarse needle while rolling



At this time, the ball is almost done, but you will find that the ball's surface is very rough, and the surface is full of pinholes, so we need to adjust and polish the surface. How to do it? Add new wool, use a fine needle, lightly stab, and perform secondary processing on the ball. This is a crucial step. If you want your wool felted craft to be exquisite, with a smooth and delicate surface, it is also a skill that you must master to become a wool felting master. You will see it many times in this tutorial. This technique will significantly extend the making time, but the final work will make you feel that all the efforts are worthwhile and full of a sense of accomplishment.

First, take a little white wool, then use your hands to tear it up a lot of times, then pull it into an even plane, as shown in the picture below



Next, wrap the rough ball you just stabbed with the wool plane, and then use a fine needle to stab lightly so that you can get a smooth surface, here we only need to stab half a sphere since we only need to make sure that the duck's face is flat, and the rest of the head will be covered with a hat, we don't need to refine it now.



Next, start making the duck's hat. In the same way, take some pink wool, tear it off repeatedly, then flatten them into a thin plane, fold them in half, and wrap them around the head.



Next, secure the opening with a coarse needle, start to stab, no need to stab very carefully, because later we will re-wrap more wool to refine the surface.



Here, we adjust the edge of the brim first, tear off some pink wool, then wrap it around the edge, and stab lightly with fine needle.



Hat is almost done.



Next, make the top of the peach hat, take a little pink wool, after tearing it, add it to the head and start stabbing, same method, the coarse needle first, and then add more wool to optimize the shape and surface.



Continue to refine the brim of the hat.



Stab out the eye socket, put it in the hole, or use an awl is OK.



Make mouth



Fasten it along the edge of the mouth






Next, make the body. Again, let's make a ball first. But one size smaller than the head. Similarly, the coarse needle first, then take more wool, and tear up, wrap, and then lightly stabbed with the fine needle to refine



One end does not need to be stabbed too much, because next we will use it to attach with the head, the rougher the better



Attach the body to the head



Make wings



Attach the wings to the body




Add more wool to cover the gaps at the joints while stabbing lightly to refine the surface


Make feet



Make tie





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