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[2016.8.25] Wonder Zoo | Needle Felted Wool Animals Projects Inspiration & Ideas

by Sue Feltify on August 27, 2016

Have you ever stunned when you saw those cute, realistic creations which are made of wool or pinned a lot of needle felted crafts in your Pinterest's boards? Well, I have. They bring lots of fun and inspiration to me. if you are as same as I do, pls follow our new program <Wonder Zoo: Needle Felted Wool Animals Inspiration & Ideas> . There are a lot of friends in our instagram. They are very talented, masterly craftsmen and create so many amazing stunning needle felted wool crafts. They deserve more applause and compliment. That's why we make the program.

We'll pick 10 unbelievable needle felting animals to you every week, if you like, pls follow them, thanks.

Cute Needle felted wool animal yellow cute kitten cat (Via @woolcy)

Cute Needle felting wool animal Pokemon canonair duck (Via @willowcreekfelting)

Needle felting wool cute animal dog pet (Via @ume.pecpra)

Cute Needle felting wool cute animal whale (Via @topolyushka)

Beautiful Needle felting wool cute animals pug pet cute (Via @tonkosan0911)

Amazing Needle felting wool animals cat pet kitten white (Via @tomotomochris)

Beautiful Needle felting wool animals bear pet (Via @studio_yoo)

Beautiful Needle felting wool animals bunnies (Via @stabxstep )

Beautiful Needle felting wool animal cute cat pet(Via @sofikapinus)

Cute Needle felting wool black cat brooch (Via @skojskojdesignstudio)

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