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20 Cute Needle Felted Dolls | Cute Needle Felting Ideas

by kevin chai on February 13, 2023
Have you ever tried needle felting? Needle felting is pretty like clay, but unlike clay, you need to use a needle instead of your hands to make lovely creations. Best of all, it's a little bit cathartic, and it's perfect for after-work. And compared to other crafts, needle felting is very cheap to try. And needle felting can make a lot of effects that other materials and crafts can't achieve. For example, make almost identical pet sculptures. If you haven't started needle felting, I believe you will be ready to go through the pictures below!
If you are a needle felting veteran and need some inspiration, then you should also check out our selection of needle felting animals pictures. They are all our lovely friends on Instagram. They are very talented, and They all have different strengths and specialties in needle felting skills. I believe you can learn a lot from their works.

1.Cute Needle Felted Joker, Kawaii Needle Felted Joker Doll, Cute Needle Felted Joker Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Joker, Needle Felting Doll via linalcrafts


2.Cute Needle Felted Michael Jackson, Kawaii Needle Felted Michael Jackson Doll, Cute Needle FeltedMichael Jackson Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Michael Jackson, Needle Felting Doll  via linalcrafts


3.Cute Needle Felted Sullivan from Monsters, Inc., Kawaii Needle Felted Sullivan Doll, Cute Needle Felted Sullivan Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Sullivan, Needle Felting Doll via linalcrafts


4.Cute Needle Felted Girl With A Pearl Earring, Kawaii Needle Felted Girl With A Pearl Earring Doll, Cute Needle FeltedGirl With A Pearl Earring Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Girl With A Pearl Earring, Needle Felting Doll  via linalcrafts


5.Cute Needle Felted Maleficent, Kawaii Needle Felted Maleficent Doll, Cute Needle Felted Maleficent Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Maleficent, Needle Felting Doll  via linalcrafts


6.Cute Needle Felted Squid Game Guide, Kawaii Needle Felted Squid Game Guide Doll, Cute Needle Felted Squid Game Guide Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Squid Game Guide, Needle Felting Doll via linalcrafts


7.Cute Needle Felted Moomin Couples, Kawaii Needle Felted Moomin Doll, Cute Needle Felted Moomin Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Moomin, Needle Felting Doll  via touchme_toys


8.Cute Needle Felted Moomin, Kawaii Needle Felted Moomin Doll, Cute Needle Felted Moomin Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Moomin, Needle Felting Doll  via touchme_toys


9.Cute Needle Felted Green Moomin, Kawaii Needle Felted Moomin Doll, Cute Needle Felted Moomin Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Moomin, Needle Felting Doll via touchme_toys


10.Cute Needle Felted Elsa from Frozen, Kawaii Needle Felted Elsa Doll, Cute Needle Felted Elsa Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Elsa, Needle Felting Doll via ueroda


11.Cute Needle Felted Olaf from Frozen, Kawaii Needle Felted Olaf Doll, Cute Needle Felted Olaf Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Olaf, Needle Felting Doll  via zamudryakova_toys


12.Cute Needle Felted Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes, Kawaii Needle Felted Tasmanian Devil Doll, Cute Needle Felted Tasmanian Devil Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Tasmanian Devil, Needle Felting Doll via zamudryakova_toys


13.Cute Needle Felted Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, Kawaii Needle Felted Stitch Doll, Cute Needle Felted Stitch Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Stitch, Needle Felting Doll via zamudryakova_toys


14.Cute Needle Felted Little Girl, Kawaii Needle Felted Little Girl Doll, Cute Needle Felted Little Girl Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Little Girl, Needle Felting Doll via batnbunny_fibre


15.Cute Needle Felted Grogu from The Mandalorian, Kawaii Needle Felted Baby Yoda Doll, Cute Needle Felted Baby Yoda Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Baby Yoda, Needle Felting Doll via cozy.fieltros


16.Cute Needle Felted Little Monster, Kawaii Needle Felted Little Green Monster Doll, Cute Needle Felted Little Monster Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Little Monster, Needle Felting Doll  via edmironiuk


17.Cute Needle Felted No Face man from Spirited Away, Kawaii Needle Felted No Face man Doll, Cute Needle Felted No Face man Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas No Face man, Needle Felting Doll  via edmironiuk


18.Cute Needle Felted Gremlins, Kawaii Needle Felted Gremlins Doll, Cute Needle Felted Gremlins Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Gremlins, Needle Felting Doll   via edmironiuk


19.Cute Needle Felted Joker Portrait, Kawaii Needle Felted Joker Portrait Doll, Cute Needle Felted Joker Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Joker, Needle Felting Doll  via edmironiuk


20.Cute Needle Felted Monsters Coaster, Kawaii Needle Felted Monsters Doll, Cute Needle Felted Monsters Sculpture, Needle Felting Ideas Monsters, Needle Felting Doll via gmismonster







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