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<Needle Felting: From Beginner To Master > Unit 1 Lesson 1: How to make needle felted wool ball?

Unit 1 Lesson 1: How to make needle felted wool ball?


Hey everybody, the series tutorial which has been planned for a long time has finally meet with you. This course suit for all beginners, no matter you are first time heard of needle felting or you already mastered basic skill and finished several needle felting projects. We'll company with you in the following year to learn how to make the elementary shapes until you can complete complex needle wool felting animals and become to a master.

by Sue Feltify on June 14, 2015

Just sit tight, it’s coming soon:)

There must be a time, when you saw those adorable, cute things which are made by wool on Pinterest, Instagram or etsy etc, I bet you're eager to try them out. So you begin to read tutorials on blogs and watch videos on Youtube. But when you started to try it , you find that it's too hard to finish it well.
And that was not the worst, the point is, it made you frustrated, as you thought you could finish it perfectly, and make needle felting as your new hobby.
by kevin chai on March 30, 2015


Welcome to Feltify.com! We create for you unique needle felting animals, needle felted accessories in any occasion, and you'll find needle felting tutorials for beginners too(coming soon). We hope you've enjoyed having a look around at our little creations and have found something that you'd like to take home with you. Good Luck!


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