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How to make your needle felting craft even and smooth?

by Sue Feltify on July 09, 2015

In last lesson of <Needle Felting: From Beginner to Master> and additional tutorial <How to make needle felted wool ball with short fiber wool? >, we've left a question for you: how to make your needle felting ball smooth? Do you have any idea about it? Well, we'll answer the quesion in the post.

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Additonal Lesson : How to make your needle felting craft even and smooth?

Tools: Star Needle(Or ultrathin Felt Needle), felting sponge/ foam block, Cots
Materials: Short Fiber Wool Roving (Buy Kit)
Difficuity: ★★★★
Time: 10m - 20m
Required: Needle Felting Basics of Beginners , Patience

1.Wrap evenly

2.Repeat rolling and poking step( attention the depth) until make the surface perfect.

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There are 2 ways to make it, and we need 2 supplies to help us: star needle and short fiber wool.

Star needle(Or ultrathin Felt Needle): Learn more

Short fiber wool: Learn more

Method 1. Cover the needle felted craft with short fiber wool and jab it with star needle

This method is used when you‘ve finished the needle felted craft, but you’re not satisfied with the surface, trying to even it. If also can be used when you have finished the main part with (medium or heavy)needle, and continue to smooth the surface.

After you cover the needle felted craft with short fiber wool ( pls check out the gif how to wrapped), the following is the most important step, jab it with star needle. Be careful with poke intensity and depth, it should be more light and more shallow than in other steps. Only used the first 1-2 barbs of your star needle, cover the wool evenly around the surface of the ball. It also can avoid deep and obvious needle hole, then achieve a even and smooth effect.

How-to-make-your-needle-felting-craft-even-and-smooth How-to-make-your-needle-felting-craft-even-and-smooth How-to-make-your-needle-felting-craft-even-and-smooth

(How to Wrap to ball)

  • Wrap evenly
  • After poke, roll it between your palms to make the surface more smooth
  • Repeat rolling and poking step( attention the depth) until make the surface perfect.
Method 2. Poke your craft slightly with star needle

It’s a little difficult compared to the first method, not only requires to your skills but also need to take patience. Key point is to repair the uneven surface directly. Jab down the raised part, it’s not easy to master. Once you don’t control the strength, it’ll has a big needle hole, and you need to repair it with the edge wool or put some new wool to fix the surface.


These two methods above are advanced tutorials of needle felting, so it’s kind difficult to master, need to practice a lot. Don’t worry, with our lessons you can master it gradually.

Class is over, thank you!

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